East Lothian

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East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel (ELTRP) works with a range of partners to improve the quality of life and services for local communities.

The organisation was formed in 1999 and now represents around 22 tenants and residents groups across East Lothian. ELTRP is a democratically elected community-based organisation which is run by an Executive Committee (EC) made up of volunteers. ELTRP has rights to participate in decisions and influence East Lothian Council’s (ELC) policies as outlined in the ELC Tenant Participation Strategy 2012 – 2015.

TIS are supporting local tenants’ representatives to directly influence the outcome of how £400,000 of rent payers’ money should be spent to improve local areas.

Recently a survey was designed and carried out to explore issues around Antisocial Behaviour. The results will be used to inform future strategy decisions.

Find out more about the East Lothian Tenants & Residents Panel here.