North Lanarkshire

The North Lanarkshire project was established in 2004 to assist in the development of tenant participation across North Lanarkshire.

The Tenants’ and Residents’ Participation Project provides information, support and advice to develop tenant participation in North Lanarkshire. The project assists communities to start and develop tenants and residents groups throughout North Lanarkshire. It can assist with any issue including:

  • Starting a tenants group
  • Looking at the skills needed to run a committee effectively
  • Making sure groups get the funding they need
  • Assisting tenant groups to become a Registered Tenant Organisation
  • Giving groups training and support on a one-to-one basis
  • Assisting groups to run effectively and have a real impact into services
  • Advise groups on specific housing & related questions or support groups to get the information they need
  • Administration support such as photocopying, assistance to write minutes & agendas and getting the accounts together

The project is a partnership project between North Lanarkshire Council, the North Lanarkshire Federation of Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations and the Tenants Information Service.

The project started in October 2004 and has been successful in assisting tenant groups to establish the North Lanarkshire Federation of Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations. The project continues to work closely with the North Lanarkshire Federation and part of the projects role is to advise and support the Federation, and assist it to successfully develop further.

Tenant representatives influence everything the project does. The project is regularly monitored and managed by tenants & residents for the benefit of everyone.


North Lanarkshire Project
Unit 66, Fountatin Business Centre
Ellis Street

T: 01236 435 844