South Lanarkshire Project






The South Lanarkshire Tenants Development Support Project is funded by South Lanarkshire Council to support tenants and tenants groups throughout the area achieve real influence over the services they receive. With a team of two staff, based out of an office in Hamilton, the Project also supports tenants who are working with the Council to implement the action plan from the Tenant Participation Strategy.

The Project agrees a work plan with both the Council and with tenants who sit on the Project Scrutiny Group (which oversees the work of the Project) on an annual basis.

Key areas of current work include

  • Programme of Tenant Led Inspections
  • Implementation of Tenant Approved Stamp
  • Ongoing work with the Budget Scrutiny Group
  • Supporting tenants and the Council in monitoring achievement against the Scottish Social Housing Charter
  • Support the Tenant Participation Co-ordination Group

The Project also supports Registered Tenants Organisations whether they are long standing groups, or new tenants looking to come together and form a group. The staff provide both administrative and development support.

The Project is always looking to speak to tenants in South Lanarkshire who wish to get involved and we are always exploring new methods of involvement, whether through the use of social media or the internet. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact through the details on the contact page.

You can follow the project on twitter