Fife Housing Association Announces Launch of Resident Scrutiny Group

TIS Scrutiny

Last week saw the successful launch of the Fife Housing Association Resident Scrutiny Group. Tenants and other service users have been meeting over the last four months to establish a scrutiny group that will independently monitor and evaluate Fife Housing Association’s housing services.
Lorna Paterson, Chair of Fife Housing Association stated:

“I am delighted that tenants are grasping this opportunity to have a real say in how the Association is providing services for its customers. The Board is now looking forward to working with the Scrutiny Group to improve service delivery in the coming months and years”.

As part of its national scrutiny programme, the Tenants Information Service (TIS) has provided training and development to support the establishment of the Scrutiny Group.

“TIS is supporting tenants and Fife Housing Association to get the right tenant scrutiny framework in place. The next few years will provide an opportunity for organisations to develop good practice and share experiences about how they are developing tenant scrutiny and how this is influencing business decisions” Ilene Campbell, Director, TIS

According to Drew Nisbet, Fife Housing Association’s Housing Manager:

“The formal launch of the Scrutiny Group represents a milestone for both the Association and tenants in meeting the objectives of the Charter. I look forward to working closely with the Group to ensure the views of the wider community are heard”.

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