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At TIS we are able to offer a range of support and services, assisting tenants and landlords in working together. Our expertise means that you can keep up to date with legislation and make the most of current practices.

We offer support and advice on:

Tenant Scrutiny

Get targeted support and advice on Tenant Scrutiny in Scotland. Find information on different scrutiny activities and the best ways to carry these out.

Starting a tenants’ association

If you are considering starting a tenants’ association our detailed start-up information might be just what you need. Find out about rights, roles, responsibilities and more.

Tenant participation strategies

We can offer extensive advice and support on tenant participation; what the law says, current best practice, training, reviews and more.

Surveys and consultations

Our expertise in setting up and running surveys and consultations could make all the difference in this specialist area.

Involving equalities groups

At TIS we can work with landlords to actively include tenants who are often excluded.

Stock Transfers, constitutional partnerships or transfers of engagements

We can provide independent advice and support to tenants who are considering a change of landlord.

Involving Tenants in Policy Reviews and Influencing housing services

If you are a landlord we can support you to involve tenants in the development, review, implementation and monitoring of housing policies and services.