Involving tenants in policy reviews and influencing housing services

At TIS, we can support landlords to successfully involve their tenants in the development, review, implementation, and monitoring of the latest housing policies and services, including:

  • Assisting tenants and housing and participation professional have a clear understanding of the context and detail
  • Providing information on any legislative requirements
  • Assisting tenants to understand how policies and procedures are implemented
  • Enabling tenants to consider how policies and procedures reflect the services delivered
  • Supporting tenants to identify strengths and weaknesses of policies, procedures, services, and make recommendations for change
  • Assisting tenants and landlords to consider and respond to Scottish Government Consultations

Our staff have significant experience in assisting tenants and landlords to participate effectively in policy and service reviews including:

  • Allocation policy reviews and the development of Common Housing Registers
  • Development, review and monitoring of Tenant Participation Strategies
  • Rent harmonisation and development of new rent setting policies
  • Development and review of communication codes of practice
  • Review of the policy and delivery of repairs and maintenance services
  • Monitoring and review of the implementation of landlord Standard Delivery Plans
  • Development of new practices to involve tenants in the review and monitoring of estate management

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