At TIS, we provide detailed and bespoke training, support, and advice to both tenants and landlords to make scrutiny a reality.

Scrutiny is a gateway for tenants, residents, and community groups to work together, with their landlords, to have their say and influence decisions about the housing services that they receive.

The process helps landlords measure how well their services meet the standards and outcomes detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter and provide recommendations on areas for improvement. The Scottish Social Housing Charter was introduced as part of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 and was developed to set out the standards and outcomes that all social landlords should be achieving when performing their housing activities.

Achieving the right level of scrutiny and participation is critical for social landlords in shaping the delivery of housing services. It provides landlords with a valuable insight into where scarce resources should be prioritised, so that performance levels, and rent affordability are properly aligned.

Scrutiny making it happen programme

TIS national tenant scrutiny learning and development programme, ‘Scrutiny making it happen’, provides detailed and bespoke training, support, and advice to both tenants and landlords.

Our extensive menu of options gives choice and flexibility on how best to develop effective tenant scrutiny and create your own bespoke experience, at a level that suits you. We can deliver sessions that ensure your specific themes and messages are at the core:

  • An audit of your landlords Tenant Participation Strategy and Practice
  • Training for tenants staff, Board and Elected Members on the Scottish Social Housing Charter and regulatory expectations; developing scrutiny activities; measuring and benchmarking tenant participation and housing services
  • Developing scrutiny activities
  • Measuring and benchmarking tenant participation and housing services
  • Carrying out a scrutiny “stock take”
  • Recruiting other tenants and customers to get involved in scrutiny activities
  • Support to develop your Tenant Scrutiny Framework and Action Plan
  • Specialist training and support to tenants and landlords to develop scrutiny panels, mystery shopping, and tenant led inspections etc.
  • Practice workshops to encourage tenants and other customers to get involved
  • Independent and expert support to tenant scrutiny groups

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