Tenant Scrutiny is high on the agenda of tenants’ organisations, landlords, the Scottish Housing Regulator and the Scottish Government.  It is the name given to tenants being involved in reviewing how housing services are being delivered.

It provides a way to give tenants and other customers greater influence and ability to hold their landlords to account. It is also an opportunity to develop partnership working between tenants, other customers and landlords to deliver excellent services.

At TIS we provide detailed help to both tenants and landlords to help them make tenant scrutiny a reality.

TIS ‘Making It Happen’ Scrutiny Programme

Our national Tenant Scrutiny Learning and Development Programme provides detailed training support for both tenants and landlords.  This programme has a menu of training and support options that tenants and landlords can choose from to develop effective tenant scrutiny.

We can provide support on:

  • An audit of your landlords Tenant Participation Strategy and Practice
  • Training for tenants staff, Board and Elected Members on the Scottish Social Housing Charter and   regulatory expectations; developing scrutiny activities; measuring and benchmarking tenant participation and housing services
  • Developing scrutiny activities
  • Measuring and benchmarking tenant participation and housing services;
  • Carrying out a scrutiny “stock take”
  • Recruiting other tenants and customers to get involved in scrutiny activities
  • Support to develop your Tenant Scrutiny Framework and Action Plan
  • Specialist training and support to tenants and landlords to develop scrutiny panels, mystery shopping,  tenant led inspections etc
  • Practice workshops to encourage tenants and other customers to get involved
  • “Independent expert” support to tenant scrutiny groups.

Scrutiny Approved – TIS and Scotland’s Housing Network’s Accreditation

Scrutiny Approved is an accreditation framework developed by TIS and SHN using expertise in measuring performance and making tenant scrutiny a reality in Scotland. This accreditation is aimed at social rented sector landlords and will showcase that you are involving tenants and service users effectively in the self-assessment process, as well as highlighting further opportunities for development. Read more…

Scrutiny Stories – The key to success

We have produced a publication which comprises real, inside information on the tenant scrutiny activity that has taken place in Scotland over the last few years. The case studies include the perspectives of tenants, customers and landlords, but most importantly demonstrate what has been achieved by working together in partnership.
Did you know? TIS members receive a free copy of the publication. Join TIS today to get yours!

TIS Tenant Scrutiny ‘How to’ Guide

Tenant scrutiny aims to give customers more power in holding their landlord to account for their decisions, performance and conduct. Our new publication, the TIS Tenant Scrutiny ‘How to’ Guide provides a step by step handbook to support landlords and tenants develop tenant scrutiny. The guide is available free to members of TIS and tenants and landlords taking part in our national ‘Making It Happen’ Scrutiny Programme.

For a preview of the ‘How To’ Guide, click here

TIS Tenant Scrutiny Guide and Framework

We have also produced a Tenant Scrutiny Guide and a Tenant Scrutiny Framework which provides a useful toolkit in planning tenant scrutiny.

To Find Out More

If you want to find out more about our Scrutiny Programme and sign up to start taking your tenant scrutiny forward, please call TIS on 0141 248 1242 or email TIS at