Scrutiny Approved

Scrutiny Approved is an accreditation framework developed by TIS and Scotland’s Housing Network using expertise in measuring performance and making tenant scrutiny a reality in Scotland. This accreditation is aimed at social rented sector landlords and will showcase that you are involving tenants and service users effectively in the self-assessment process, as well as highlighting further opportunities for development.

What is Scrutiny Approved?

  • A unique development tool
  • To measure how well tenant involvement is embedded into a landlord’s performance management framework
  • Different levels to work towards
  • Good practice advice on areas to develop

The Process – 7 steps

New Picture







Why get accredited?

  • Great way to uncover good practice and SHARE IT
  • Has an independent focus to avoid blinkered views
  • Involves reality checks
  • Involving customers at the heart of business planning
  • Understanding what customers think of services
  • Knowing what customers want from services
  • Recognising developing and highlight areas for improvement
  • Provide a road map for the future

Get accredited…

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