Starting a tenants’ and residents’ association

At TIS, we can provide you with the relevant tools to support your goals and establish a local tenants’ and residents’ association in your local community or wider area.

Tenants and residents across the Scottish social housing sector have joined together with their neighbours to have their say, and influence decisions about the housing services that they receive by working together, with their landlords.

The benefits of starting a tenants’ and residents’ association

  • To bring to light the issues that affect a majority of people with the local community such as: repairs, housing services, anti-social behaviour, dampness, housing transfers, and regeneration of neighbourhoods etc.
  • To improve and change your local communities for the better
  • To have a strong, representative voice and provide the means for tenants to communicate with their landlord
  • To share accurate and up to date advice and information with the local community

Get in touch

For further information and to start your journey to establishing a tenants’ and resident’s association, call 0141 248 1242 or email