Starting a tenants’ association

We can provide support, guidance and training on starting a local tenants’ association and help you to benefit from other groups experience.

We can provide guidance on:

• Tenants rights to information, consultation and participation

• What tenants and residents groups can do

• Registering with your landlord as a Registered Tenants Organisation (RTO)

• Practical advice on drawing up a constitution

• Information on committees and the duties and responsibilities of office bearers

• Ways of ensuring the group is democratic and accountable

• Information on sources of funding, help and support

• How to achieve charitable status (if appropriate).

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Download a pdf of our Guide on Starting a Tenants’ Association.

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Get support and advice

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss starting a tenants’ association.

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Find out more about bespoke training for tenants and landlords on a wide range of housing related topics.