Tenant participation strategies

All social landlords in Scotland are now required to have a tenant participation strategy in place and to work together, with their tenants to review this on a regular basis.

TIS can work with housing and participation staff, and tenants to agree a programme for evaluating, reviewing your strategy, determining a new action plan, and consulting with tenants. We are the leading organisation in Scotland developing Tenant Participation. We do this by promoting and supporting good practice, including:

  • Building on and developing existing approaches to tenant participation, both formal and informal
  • Generating a menu of approaches to tenant participation, which reach out to communities
  • Developing a range of participation methods to increase opportunities in dispersed communities
  • Supporting landlords to maximise the returns from tenant participation by working together
  • Tackling geographical isolation and engaging with small communities
  • Linking tenant participation strategies to other strategic policy developments, such as community planning
  • Ensuring that effective resources are available
  • Developing meaningful tenant participation action plans and support to monitor action plans
  • Developing training plans

Get in touch

For support on developing your tenant participation strategy, or for further information, call 0141 248 1242 or email info@tis.org.uk