Independent advice

TIS lead in the provision of independent advice throughout Scotland. Our team has successfully delivered advice in stock transfers, constitutional partnerships, and transfer of engagements. We can demonstrate an elite portfolio of positive transitions.

Our most recent projects are noted below.

  • Inception to completion project management in delivering effective communication and engagement strategies that meet regulatory and good practice standards;
  • Effective consultations to maximise tenant involvement and high ballot turnouts;
  • Tenant surveys and market research to identify key priorities;
  • Financial appraisal of the business case;
  • Robust tenant consultation reports required for the business case;
  • Independent advice to tenants to ensure high tenant turnout at ballots;
  • An expert, free telephone advice service.

Transfer of engagements

  • Antonine Housing Association
  • Arklet Housing Association
  • Bellsmyre Housing Association
  • Huntershall Housing Co-op
  • Sanctuary Scotland
  • Wishaw and District Housing Association

Constitutional partnerships


  • Irvine Housing Association
  • West of Scotland Housing Association

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