Re-invigorating Scrutiny in Ayrshire Housing Association

Ayrshire Housing

Ayrshire Housing first began working with TIS in November 2016. The first exercise the group decided to work on was Customer Services and this formed the topic of the group’s first official scrutiny exercise. The group started with enthusiasm and an action plan was developed to steer their activities. However, over the summer months of 2017, a number of personal and health issues affected membership and this, saw the group’s activities wind down.

However, AHA continued to recognise the value of tenant scrutiny in improving their services and the way in which these are delivered to tenants, and were committed to providing opportunities for tenants to get involved in the scrutiny process.

Efforts were made to attract potential new members from a database of interested tenants and the use of text messaging proved successful in attracting 12 individuals who were keen to find out more. After an ‘introduction to scrutiny’ session, a few people dropped off, deciding that the group wasn’t for them, however a core group of 6 was established who were happy to sign up to the terms of reference and the code of conduct and join the existing members and get to work.

The original scrutiny work had focussed on customer services and the new group’s first task was to decide whether to continue with this topic or select a new one. After discussion, and a review of ARC returns and other performance information, the group decided they would prefer to focus on repairs as a scrutiny topic, following the repair journey from when it is reported through to being signed off post inspection.

A new action plan was developed that will guide the re-invigorated group through their efforts to scrutinise the repairs process, and the group hope to have a report, incorporating their recommendations, ready for the AHA Board in May 2018.


Author: Susan Morris, TIS Development Manager

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