Become recognised as a leader in tenant scrutiny. Scrutiny Approved Accreditation is a framework developed by TIS and Scotland’s Housing Network.

It harnesses expertise to measure performance and highlight the initiatives social rented landlords are taking to lead the way and sustain tenant scrutiny throughout Scotland. It recognises a level of customer participation, engagement, and influence by a standard of gold, silver, or bronze.

The accreditation is valid for three years and aimed at housing organisations within the Scottish social rented sector.

The key benefits available to your organisation

  • Raises your organisation‘s profile within the Scottish social rented sector as a leader in tenant scrutiny.
  • Highlights your organisation‘s successes, strengths, and commitment to sustain tenant empowerment and engagement.
  • A review checklist provides your organisation with a valuable insight into where scarce resources should be prioritised and how to further develop your practice.
  • The potential to encourage and motivate tenants to get involved in your organisation – resulting in a better link with your local communities.
  • We provide support in a constructive environment to help improve your scrutiny performance.

The steps to accreditation

  1. Getting Started:
    We will visit your office base to talk you through the accreditation process.
  2. Self-assess:
    Your organisation will complete a robost self-assessment template based on your scrutiny activities, processes, and level of engagement.
  3. Desktop Review:
    We will undertake an independent desktop review of the portfolio of evidence that you submit.
  4. Onsite Visits:
    We will visit your office base to meet with tenants, staff, and governing body members.
  5. The Findings:
    We will produce a draft audit report of our findings and include recommendations for your organistion.
  6. Validation:
    An independent Panel of Assessors, chaired by Scotland’s Housing Network, will validate the final audit report and recommendations.

Not quite sure if your organisation is ready to take part just yet?

If you would like further information or would like to discuss the process and what you can expect from Scrutiny Approved Accreditation, call our office on 0141 248 1242 or email to arrange your free, informal meeting where we will talk you through the steps to accreditation.


Download our Scrutiny Approved Accreditation publication to find out more.

Hear from the organisations who have taken part

This short film showcases some of the innovative participation methods that the Scrutiny Approved Accreditation pilot organisations utilise on a day-to-day basis to place their tenants and services users at the heart of everything they do as they share their experiences of the process and what they have gained for the future.

Featured organisations include Hillcrest Housing Association, Irvine Housing Association, and North Ayrshire Council. 



Accredited organisations

  • Hillcrest Housing Association, Silver, 2016 – 2019
  • Irvine Housing Association, Gold, 2016 – 2019
  • North Ayrshire Council, Gold, 2016 – 2019