About the International Union of Tenants (IUT)


The International Union of Tenants (IUT) is a non governmental organisation, founded in 1926 in Zürich, Switzerland, with the purpose of safeguarding the interests of tenants. IUT is a non-party political organisation, working along democratic lines.

IUT considers housing as one of the fundamental rights in society, and therefore needs to be addressed locally, nationally and internationally. IUT believe that adequate housing is also one of the safeguards for peace and security in Europe and elsewhere in the world and that homelessness is one of the major ingredients for social exclusion.
IUT and its members promote the Tenants´Charter.
Objectives of IUT

These include:

  • Co-operation between tenants through sharing information
  • Aiming to realise the right of everyone, both to good housing, and to a sound and healthy residential environment, to an affordably and fair rent
  • Residential/tenants democracy and a right to participation
  • No discrimination with regard to sex, racial, ethnic and religious grounds
  • Secure tenure
  • The right to organise.

Activities of IUT

These include:

  • Information through Internet via the website www.iut.nu
  • The Global Tenant magazine is published quarterly in English and French
  • Partnership with UN agencies, such as UN Economic Commission for Europe, ECE, and UN Center for Human Settlements – Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Partnership with the ENHR – European Network for Housing Research and APNHR – Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research
  • Partnership in the EU network, European Housing Forum, EHF, Brussels.

TIS are members of IUT.

The latest issue of Global Tenant, the IUT’s quarterly Global magazine, features an article written by TIS. Download the magazine here….

Richard Hewgill, the Vice President of the IUT, recently presented the Tenants and Residents Group of the Year award at the TIS National Excellence Awards.


Latest IUT news

  • On the 9th May 2015, the IUT Board adopted a Declaration against Unfair Evictions – Read more here…
  • IUT French member, CNL, is campaigning against increasing charges for tenants in France. They have posted a petition against these high charges that burden low- and middle income tenants. If you would like to sign too, please click here…
  • The National Housing Federation (England) has done research, comparison, on the rent levels in Europe – Read more here…
  • The IUT Congress is going to be held in Glasgow, Scotland in October 2016
  • European Tenant Law (TenLaw), partly financed by the EU COM, has the aim of studying the tenant laws in all European countries. The national reports have now been published and are available via http://www.iut.nu/facts_fig.htm#TenantLaw