TIS launch unique Digital Engagement Pledge

TIS is your expert in housing, community development, and engagement practice. 

As a national membership organisation, TIS, is committed to influencing change and supporting organisations across the Scottish social housing sector to bridge the gap and break down barriers that create exclusion for any tenant, resident, and community to get involved and shape the delivery of the housing and wider community services that they receive. 

COVID-19 has significantly changed the way that housing organisations, tenants, residents, and community groups operate. Traditional methods to engage are currently limited and a great demand for online support, resources, and guidance has arisen. 

From March 2020, the TIS team has connected over 600 tenants to share and discuss some of the sector’s biggest challenges, successes, and milestones.

Positively, feedback suggested crucial importance of digital engagement for the future, and how this can play a fundamental role in successfully extending the reach of participation, tackling isolation, and providing opportunities beyond the constraints of more traditional methods. 

Ilene Campbell, TIS Chief Executive, said:

We encourage organisations across the sector to join TIS, in our Pledge and commit to working towards developing and strengthening digital engagement opportunities for now, andfor long-term strategic plans.



It is critical that we make strides to ensure that every tenant, resident, and community has a platform and the resources, support, and skill set to have their say.


The Pledge focuses on working towards five key objectives:  

Develop a plan 
Demonstrate a commitment to digital engagement, evidencing this in the development of a strategy or action plan.

Provide opportunities 
Offer tenants, residents, and communities digital engagement opportunities and provide support to access these opportunities.

Offer access 
Support tenants, residents, and communities to gain access to digital resources and information.

Build skills 
Support tenants, residents, and communities to develop and build on digital skills.

Embed practices 
Build a web of digital confidence within your organisation, identifying Digital Leaders. 

Click here to raise your organisation’s profile within the Scottish social housing sector as a leader in engagement and participation practice, and sign the TIS Digital Engagement Pledge.

 info@tis.org.uk |  0141 248 1242