TIS thrilled to unveil Digital Toolkit exclusively to Members

TIS is thrilled to unveil its Digital Toolkit exclusively to its Membership community this week.

Exploring grounding fundamentals, the Toolkit provides expert advice, case studies, and pro tips + tricks to support organisations in the delivery of fit-for-purpose, strategic plans for long-term engagement.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has significantly changed the way that housing organisations, and tenant and resident groups operate. Traditional methods to engage and participate are now being met with a great demand for online guidance and support to ensure the sector meets the needs of our diverse and flourishing communities.

Recent data published in the TIS Digital Engagement: Study of Tenants confirmed a very definite appetite for increased digital engagements. Findings also suggested that tenants are keen to lead the way, and embrace new technologies – and positively, recognised a unique opportunity to maximise reach, overcome barriers, and tackle isolation.

The TIS Digital Toolkit aims to respond to this Study and will be a valuable resource for those working within the Scottish social housing sector who are keen to embrace new methods to drive engagement and participation forward.

TIS Members are especially encouraged to take on the role of Digital Leader and make the most of the new resources to support others to build confidence and the essential digital skills to get online through peer-to-peer learning.

Ilene Campbell, TIS Chief Executive, said:

‘You don’t need to be an expert to become a Digital Leader, however you should be confident in your own skills and have the patience, enthusiasm, and appetite to help others.

‘Leaders facilitate and nurture digital engagement within their organisation or area and are tasked with encouraging individuals to embrace digital through peer-to-peer support.

‘Our team can support your organisation with training and support to implement the key components of developing a digital engagement strategy.’

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The Digital Toolkit will continue to evolve and grow overtime and is now live via the Member Dashboard.

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