Understanding the Housing (Scotland) Bill

The Housing (Scotland) Bill became an Act in late June 2014, after various amendments made during its journey through its Parliamentary stages.

The Bill responded to the Scottish Government’s Strategy and Action Plan for 10 years to 2020, Homes fit for the 21st century. It is based around the idea that everyone in Scotland deserves the right to live in high-quality, sustainable homes that they can afford and that meet their needs.

The Bill covers a range of issues relating to housing in Scotland including the abolition of the right to buy, how social housing is allocated, changes to social sector tenancies, the law affecting private housing, the regulation of letting agents and the licensing of sites for mobile homes.

TIS, in partnership with TPAS Scotland, have produced a short guide which aims to provide a useful overview of the Housing (Scotland) Bill, helping tenants understand the issues relevant to them. If you rent property in the social or private rented sector, find out how this new legislation could affect you.

This guide does not cover every aspect of the Bill, but focuses on issues relevant to tenants of social and private rented housing.

To read the guide click here

During January and February 2014, TIS organised a series of Housing Bill conference and briefing events throughout Scotland to seek tenants’ views on the Housing (Scotland) Bill proposals. TIS sent a written submission and also provided evidence to the Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee at a meeting held on February 24th 2014 on our views on the Housing (Scotland) Bill based on tenant feedback collated from our recent Bill consultation events.

You can access the TIS Submission here

For more information, access the Scottish Parliament website here