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Rent Setting: Getting the best from your consultations (A4 flyer)
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Annual Reports

TIS Annual Report 2014-2015
TIS Annual Report 2013-2014

Housing & Community Engagement Staff Residential Presentations

Understanding People, Unlocking Potential, February 2017:

Thursday 23 March 2017

Ilene Campbell, Residential Opening Remarks
Adele Fraser, Taking a Coaching Approach in your work with Tenants & Communities
Ilene Campbell, TIS Scrutiny Approved Accreditation: Are you ready?
Joy Watson, Reflection on TIS Scrutiny Approved Accreditation
Alistair Reid, Community Impact of Allocation Policies
Lynda Johnstone, Using Customer & Community Complaints to Improve Services

Friday 24 March 2017

Gerard McCormack, Community Empowerment & Engagement
Alistair Reid, Supporting Tenant Understanding of Housing Finance
Lynda Johnstone, Anti-social Behaviour: Positive solutions to a community concern
Lynn Stewart, Scrutiny the Way Ahead
Brian Gannon, Digital Inclusion: Involving tenants
Lorna Shaw, Customer Satisfaction Surveys: What are they good for?
Angela Graham, Community Asset Transfer: East Ayrshire Council Experience

Annual Conference Presentations

Communities: Health, Wealth and Housing, June 2017:

Your Guide to the TIS Annual Conference 2017

Sat – 10.00 – Kelvin – Changes to the Charter – Anne Cook & Michael Boal

Sat – 10.00 – Club Room – Engaging tenants – Suzie Burt
Sat – 10.00 – Kilsyth – Making a difference through digital inclusion – Shayron Anderson

Sat – 11.30 – Carrick – Universal Credit – Bill Higgins
Sat – 11.30 – Club Room – Getting our act together – David Allan
Sat – 11.30 – Kelvin – Building a better private rent sector – Patrick Flynn
Sat – 11.30 – Kilsyth – 50,000 new homes – David Bookbinder
Sat – 11.30 – Antonine – Mental health and housing – Brian Glass

Sat – 14.15 – Carrick – You decide participatory budgeting – EATRF

Sat – 15.30 – Carrick – Influencing support services – ETF

Sun – 09.30 – Carrick – Communicating in a new age – Alistair Reid

National Excellence Awards

TIS National Excellence Awards, June 2017:

Finalists Guide 2017

Event Presentations

Scrutiny Approved Accreditation Launch, October 2016:

Welcome: Ilene Campbell, TIS
Accreditation Explained: Elaine Byrne, Scotland’s Housing Network
Charter Review 2016: Michael Boal, The Scottish Government
Pilot Experience: Nicola Thom, Irvine Housing Association 

Pilot Experience: Tracey Wilson, North Ayrshire Council