We offer an extensive range of training courses and can tailor training to suit both tenants and landlords.

Our bespoke sessions are designed to meet the specific needs of a particular group. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Bespoke training for tenants

We can provide training and information sessions to assist tenants as they seek to influence their landlords and further develop their tenants and residents organisations. Training and information sessions may include:

  • Getting established and agreeing a constitution
  • Committee skills such as Chairing, Secretary and Treasurer Skills
  • Writing newsletters and communicating with your members
  • How to get more people involved in your group
  • Knowing how to negotiate with your landlord
  • How to influence rent setting and service charges, repairs and housing allocations
  • The Scottish Social Housing Charter
  • Tenant Involvement in Tenant Scrutiny, Tenant Led Inspections, Mystery Shopping and landlord self-assessment
  • What to do if your landlord is considering joining a group structure or transferring your houses to another organisation.

Bespoke training for landlords

TIS can deliver tailor made training services to staff within landlord organisations about best practice in involving tenants and working with tenants.  Popular courses include:

  • Communicating with tenants
  • Getting local communities involved
  • Developing effective tenant participation strategies and Action Plans
  • Effective Consultation
  • The Scottish Social Housing Charter
  • Planning your Tenant Scrutiny Framework and Action Plan
  • Involving tenants in self-assessment
  • Involving “hard to reach” groups

Our training rates

Our training fees are based on the following rates:

We will deliver a one day training course to:

Non Member £560

Member £500

We will deliver a half day training course:

Non Member £300

Member £250

We do not charge VAT on our courses. We will charge travel expenses to the half day and day rate.